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The testing laboratory

Production of electrical, electronic and instrument making industry

  1. Anisochronous motors with the capacity up to 1 kilowatt
  2. Commutator motors with the capacity up to 1 kilowatt
  3. Electrical and similar appliances
  4. Switchboards for dwelling and public buildings
  5. Electrical tubular heaters for water-heating devices
  6. Lights for unprofessional photo and filming
  7. Lights for stage, TV, filming and photo-studio indoor and outdoor illuminating
  8. Stationary general-purpose lights (excepting outdoor illuminating lamps)
  9. Lights with built-in transformers or changers for glow lamps
  10. Portable lights for gardens
  11. Hand-held lights
  12. Portable children's lights
  13. Light garlands including ones for Christmas-tree decoration
  14. Portable general-purpose lights
  15. Switches for domestic and similar stationary electrical plants, timers up to 16A
  16. Electrical plug connectors for domestic and similar purposes plugs, outlets, splitters, plugs with safety devices (excepting plugs with partially embedded pins) up to 16A
  17. Connectors for low-voltage circuits of domestic and similar use
  18. Stationary electric stoves, burner panels, ovens, electrical part of gas-arc stoves, excepting pyrolysis
  19. Portable toasters, grills, roasters, electrical stoves, ovens
  20. Food warmers
  21. Frying pans, deep-fat fryers
  22. Outdoor barbeques
  23. Microwave ovens
  24. Heaters for liquid
  25. Accumulation water heaters
  26. Running water heaters
  27. Portable immersion heaters
  28. Attachable immersion heaters
  29. Room heaters
  30. Accumulation room heaters
  31. Portable electric heating tools, laminators
  32. Mouth hygiene devices
  33. Ultraviolet and infrared skin caring devices
  34. Skin and hair caring devices
  35. Electrical drum-type driers
  36. Electrical cloth dryers and towel drying crossbeams
  37. Transformers, autotransformers, domestic autonomous line conditioners
  38. Reinforced wires and cords
  39. Connection and extension circuit cords including integrated devices
  40. Battery and accumulator gers
  41. Kitchen machines
  42. Fans
  43. Air cleaning devices including kitchen air cleaners
  44. Lead-acid starter accumulator batteries
  45. Lead-acid non-starter accumulator batteries for bikes and scooters
  46. Open-type acid accumulators and accumulator batteries
  47. Sealed acid accumulators and accumulator batteries
  48. Alkaline nickel-ferrum accumulators and accumulator batteries
  49. NiMh and lithium accumulators and accumulator batteries
  50. Wires and cords with plastic and rubber insulation meant for rated voltage up to 450/750 V
  51. Electronic digital computing machines and complexes on their basis
  52. Bar code readout devices powered by ger or by all-mains
  53. Card readers for non-cash payment systems powered by ger or by all-mains
  54. Personal electronic digital computing machines
  55. Devices: central, external storages, Input-output (excepting keyboard, “joystick” and “mouse”), data preparation, data teleprocessing, information teleprocessing, intersystem communication (situated in separate cases with supply voltage more than 40 V)
  56. Computer’s devices and power units situated in separate case, including uninterruptible power supplies
  57. Display devices
  58. Bar code striping devices powered by ger or by all-mains
  59. Electrophotographic copying and quick document copying mains supplied devices
  60. Electrical drawing equipment (plotters) mains supplied
  61. Electromechanical (electronic) domestic balance mains supplied
  62. Stationary clocks (floor, wall, desk-clocks) mains supplied, including electronic ones
  63. Photographic cameras with built-in photoflash lamps
  64. Electrical cloth-steamers
  65. Irons
  66. Ironing machines
  67. Surface cleaning devices, using liquid or steam
  68. Vacuum cleaners and water-suction cleaning machines
  69. Floor polishers and wet floor-cleaning machines
  70. Centrifuges
  71. Cloth washers
  72. Dishwashing machines
  73. Kitchen work mechanization machines and devices
  74. Electric shavers, haircutting machines
  75. Electrical toothbrushes and their gers and accumulators
  76. Electrical shoe brushes
  77. Electrical cloth brushes
  78. Massage devices
  79. Electrical toilets
  80. Whirlpool baths
  81. Humidifiers
  82. Aquarium and garden-pool electrical devices
  83. Conditioners, thermal pumps, air dehumidifiers
  84. Food waste shredders
  85. Electrical fumigators
  86. Vegetable storing ovens
  87. Household sewing machines Household sewing machines (Zigzaggers) with electrical or combination actuator
  88. Sound-amplifying devices and broadcasting centers
  89. Sound-recording and sound reproducing equipment
  90. Output active acoustic equipment mains supplied
  91. Broadcasting studio equipment
  92. TV transmitter-receiver equipment
  93. Equipment for television centers, studios and equipment rooms
  94. TV sets
  95. Radio receivers: radio recorders, radio and record players, radio complexes, radio sets, tuners, combined radio devices
  96. Tuners, TV-tuners, satellite tuners
  97. Video recording and playback domestic equipment (video-tape recorders, video players, video games)
  98. Domestic TV cameras
  99. Electric phonographs and turntables
  100. Multiprogram ac voltage mains supply loudspeakers
  101. Stand-alone low-frequency amplifiers, equalizers
  102. Domestic electronic radio equipment power units, situated in separate case, ac voltage mains supplied, including uninterruptible power supplies
  103. Entrance door intercoms
  104. Electric musical instruments: stringed musical instruments played by plucking, stringed bow instruments, reed instruments, wind instruments, melodic instruments, electrical pianos, instruments with electrical bellows, percussion-noise instruments, electrical organs
  105. Video games and devices for them
  106. Game-playing machines
  107. Synchronous motors with the capacity up to 1 kilowatt
  108. Stepper motors with the capacity up to 1 kilowatt
  109. Automatic control units for home appliances under the range of ГОСТ 27570.0-87 (МЭК 335-1-76) providing the functions of regulation and control for temperature, pressure, humidity, illumination, electrostatic influence usage effect, the flow or the level of a liquid, current, voltage, acceleration
  110. Non-contact direct current motors with the capacity up to 1 kilowatt
  111. Contact screw and non-screw clamps, clamp sets
  112. Aquarium lights
  113. Domestic electric bell switches
  114. Tubular electric heaters for stoves, cooking tables and ovens
  115. Domestic and similar use instrumental connectors (plugs, outlets)
  116. Compressors
  117. Lanterns (with accumulator and universal current sources) with integrated gers
  118. Terminal lighting blocks
  119. Electric burners for domestic electric heaters
  120. Alkaline nickel-cadmium cylindrical sealed cells
  121. Alkaline nickel-cadmium disk sealed cells
  122. Nickel-cadmium sealed cell batteries
  123. Alkaline nickel-cadmium prismatic sealed cells
  124. Alkaline nickel- cadmium closed (untight) accumulators and accumulator batteries
  125. Zinc-manganese elements
  126. Zinc-manganese primary batteries consisting of cylindrical elements with 3R12 type saline electrolyte
  127. Primary elements and batteries
  128. Plastic insulated equipment wires
  129. Document binders
  130. Mains supplied shredders
  131. Trade business equipment, including packing equipment, retail delivery trade equipment, ancillary equipment, other equipment
  132. Video recording and playback common application equipment
  133. Pencil grinding mains supplied equipment
  134. Tape recorders and tape-recording mechanisms
  135. Kinescopes
  136. Switches, switches-disconnectors, commutators, commutators-disconnectors
  137. Industrial electrical connectors
  138. Control circuit switching devices and units
  139. Magnetic contactors and starters of domestic and industrial use
  140. Breakers and switches for electrical devices
  141. Complete low-voltage devices
  142. Electrical and similar appliances
  143. Lead-in distributors for dwelling and public buildings
  144. Stitching machine electric drives
  145. Welding units for domestic and similar use
  146. Aquarium lights
  147. Reducing electronic inverters for glow lamps
  148. Electrical toys, operated circuit
  149. Analogue combined laboratorial and portable electric-measuring instruments
  150. Program-technical complexes
  151. Devices and equipment for intrusion alarm systems: Security signaling devices, passive sound security signaling devices for blocking the glazed constructions in the enclosed spaces, passive optoelectronic signaling devices for the enclosed spaces, entry alert transmission system, access control systems, security vision systems
  152. Isolating and safety isolating transformers
  153. Contact screw and non-screw clamps, clamp sets
  154. Starting and control devices for disge lamps
  155. Electric-measuring and radio metering instruments
  156. Wire communication telephone sets with wireless handset, telephone sets of common application, powered up with current electric network
  157. AC voltage mains supplied auxiliary telephone devices
  158. Facsimile machines
  159. Current strength and voltage radio metering combined equipment
  160. Portable electrical machines
  161. Electrical disc hand saws and knife discs
  162. Portable electrical machines: radial drop saws
  163. Portable electrical machines: planing and shaving machines
  164. Portable electrical machines: desktop rubbing machines
  165. Portable electrical machines: band-saws
  166. Diamond drill machines with water supply
  167. Portable electrical machines: diamond saw with water supply
  168. Portable electrical machines: modeling routers
  169. Portable electrical machines: trimming saws
  170. Portable electrical rubbing and polishing machines with the rotational motion of the operating tool
  171. Portable electrical orbital belt and sanders
  172. Electrical lawn mower machines and lawn scissors, grass trimmers, bush cutters
  173. Electrical portable tappers
  174. Electrical portable screwdrivers and percussive nut setters
  175. Portable electrical drilling machines
  176. Portable electrical milling machines and edge machines
  177. Air-painting equipment and portable electrical sprayers
  178. Electrical portable hummers and perforators
  179. Electrical portable metal cutting scissors
  180. Electrical hand saws with the alternate motion of the operating tool
  181. Electrical trying-planes
  182. Electrical portable routers and cutting-off machines
  183. Portable electrical staplers
  184. Portable electrical chain saws
  185. Electrical devices for smoking of fish, meat, poultry, fat (with capacity up to kW inclusive)
  186. Heating equipment
  187. Electrical tubular heaters for water-heating devices
  188. Tubular electric heaters for stoves, cooking tables and ovens
  189. General-purpose searchlights
  190. Screwed lampholders
  191. Low-power transformers
  192. Power semiconducting transducers with the capacity up to 5 kilowatt
  193. Control and guard relays
  194. Networks, systems, complexes and computing machines
  195. Programmed-controlled means
  196. Theatre electrical equipment
  197. Theatre audio engineering equipment
  198. Electronic cash-control machines
  199. Gas and liquid indicators and analysers
  200. Photographic cameras with built-in photoflash lamps
  201. Photographic cameras with attached photoflash lamps
  202. Photoflash lamps
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