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Production of machine-building industry

  1. Meat, vegetable and dough processing equipment, including rectifiers, grinding and cutting, kneading and mixing, batchers and molders, universal devices with the set of replacement mechanisms, for mechanical treatment, others
  2. Bank note and negotiable paper processing equipment
  3. Mechanical equipment for public catering establishments
  4. Equipment for fruit and vegetable storehouses and stocking factories
  5. Trade business equipment, including packing equipment, retail delivery trade equipment, ancillary equipment, other equipment
  6. Component parts for sales outlet’s equipment, public catering equipment and kitchen equipment, including refrigeration equipment, heating equipment, dishwashing machines
  7. Bolts, screws, studs and nuts up to 12 mm in diameter
  8. Tapping screws for metal and plastic
  9. Screws up to 8 mm in diameter
  10. Split pin up to 5 mm in passage diameter
  11. Washers up to 12 mm in diameter
  12. Rivets up to 8 mm in diameter
  13. Head polyethylene gas pipeline pipes
  14. Polymeric packages for food products
  15. Pneumatic tools
  16. Conveyors
  17. Electrical pulley blocks
  18. Mechanized assembly welding stands, welding conductors and equipment, automatic and mechanized assembly and welding lines
  19. Heat-exchange apparatuses
  20. Drying apparatuses
  21. Physical-chemical physical-mechanical process apparatuses
  22. Welding, soldering and heating electrolysers, including domestic ones
  23. Drinking water and waste water cleaning equipment, including domestic one
  24. Hydraulic filters
  25. Plastic and glass-fibre plastic processing equipment
  26. Rotodynamic pumps
  27. Displacement pumps
  28. Air and gas driving compressors
  29. Gas-plasma welding equipment, soldering, thermal treatment, and surface cleaning equipment
  30. Gas-purifying and dust collecting equipment, electrostatic precipitators, Including domestic ones.
  31. Surface bodying-in, deposition, surface drying and testing equipment and plants
  32. Industrial pipe and gas fittings
  33. Foundry manufacturing
  34. Metal-cutting equipment for agricultural repair shops
  35. Machine tools for comprehensive secondary schools
  36. Milling cutters with polyhedral carbides
  37. Cutoff and screw-slotting cutters of high-speed steel (with the cutters’ thickness В<5 mm)
  38. Milling cutters with polyhedral carbides
  39. Lathe tool with burned on carbides
  40. Lathe tool with polyhedral carbides
  41. Carbided wood-working disk saws
  42. Hammers
  43. Hand tools with insulated handles for work on electricity generating plants with the voltage up to 1000 V
  44. Hammer-shears
  45. Wrenches
  46. Adjustable wrenches
  47. Toggle pipу wrenches
  48. Hex-nut wrenches with the inner hexahedron
  49. Wrenches for hexagonal socketed parts
  50. Manual hex-nut wrenches
  51. Fitter's screwdrivers
  52. Dielectric screwdrivers
  53. Hand driven table vices
  54. Wood-working grooving disk milling cutters with burned on plates
  55. Wood-working arbor-type form-relieved cutters
  56. Wood-working grooving disk milling cutters
  57. Interlocking cylindrical arbor-type cutters
  58. Diamond grinding wheels D≥125 mm
  59. Diamond cutoff wheels D≥125 mm Т≥0,5
  60. Cubic boron nitride grinding wheels
  61. Grinding wheels
  62. Cutoff wheels
  63. Grinding wheels for hand-held machines
  64. Burnishing wheels
  65. Displacement pumps for hydraulic drives (hydro pumps)
  66. Hydraulic motors (including pump-motors and rotary motors)
  67. Hydrocylinders
  68. Hydraulic devices (control and distributive ones)
  69. Other hydraulic equipment (hydraulic drives, hydraulic drive stations, hydraulic units, hydraulic tools etc.)
  70. Filters and separators for hydraulic drives
  71. Pneumatic actuators, pneumatic automation and air tools
  72. Reducers of common machine-building usage
  73. Motor-reducers of common machine-building usage
  74. Manometers, pressure sensors
  75. Sprayers and aerosol generators including Electrical sprayers and aerosol generators
  76. Mechanized instruments and tools for lawn-and-garden and forestry use Rigging: stationary, riding (trailers)
  77. Building mortar’s producing equipment
  78. Building and finishing machines
  79. Carpentry and joiner's chisels
  80. Flat and half-round gouges
  81. Wooden planes
  82. Metal planes
  83. Nonmetallic pipe fittings
  84. Crushers
  85. Public place cleaning machines
  86. Residue utilization machines and equipment
  87. Industrial-type laundry equipment Cloth dry-cleaning eqipment
  88. Refrigeration equipment (refrigerated cabinets, cooling chambers, refrigerated counters, refrigerated cases- counters, refrigerated cases, equipment for cooling and freezing of liquids, other refrigeration equipment
  89. Metallic small ware items (mechanical razors, safety razor's blades, metallic devices for safety razors, blade-sharpening devices for safety razors, shaving accessories, domestic scissors, other devices for safety razors, interchangeable magazine for safety razors
  90. Graphic arts equipment (composing equipment, plate-making equipment, printing equipment, bookbinding equipment, equipment for cardboard and paper packages with printed texts and pictures)
  91. Filter board for food liquids
  92. Paper and combined-matter consumer containers
  93. Steel welded and sealed barrels with corrugation
  94. Metallic and combined canisters (excepting food ones)
  95. Pad-saws
  96. Corrosionproof steel tableware and kitchen appliances
  97. Industrial electric welding equipment
  98. Spares for woodworking equipment
  99. Ancillary welding equipment
  100. Spares and nodes for metalcutter's modernization
  101. Adjustable pliers
  102. Combined pliers
  103. Movable pliers
  104. Snipe nose pliers
  105. Round pliers
  106. Combination pliers
  107. Cutting pliers
  108. Blowlamps
  109. Machine-building industry production tooling
  110. Lathe chuck spares
  111. Abrasive flap w heel
  112. Endless abrasive belt
  113. Abrasive fibre disks
  114. Motor-compressors
  115. Stationary circular pumps for heating and water systems
  116. Pumps for liquids
  117. General mechanical rubber goods producing equipment
  118. Forming and vulcanization equipment for rubber production, including moulds for splints and medical rubber production
  119. Metal-working machines including small-envelope ones
  120. Сompression-type machines (excepting hand and foot drive machines)
  121. Woodworking machines including small-envelope ones
  122. Flexible industrial units of different technological purpose
  123. Vaporescent boilers
  124. Road construction machinery
  125. Tractor and small snowploghs
  126. Chassis snowploghs
  127. Tractor crane-boring machines, boring equipment
  128. Industrial conditioners
  129. Air heaters
  130. Drawing frame machines for cotton, wool, lint and hemp treatment
  131. Hackles for flax and hemp
  132. Primary treatment equipment for wool, flax, hemp, jute and kenaf
  133. Openers-cleaners, blending equipment
  134. Roving equipment
  135. Wool and man-made fiber processing equipment for obtaining the fiber the salvage
  136. Preparatory equipment for weaving and knitwear manufacture
  137. Looms
  138. Dyeboarders
  139. Processing equipment for knitting industry and for the prodiction of nonwoven fabric
  140. Preparatory and cutout equipment
  141. Industrial stitching machines
  142. Industrial stitching, automats, semi automats and units
  143. Industrial stitching machine drives
  144. Apparel heat-wet treatment equipment and form-fixing equipment
  145. Processing equipment for leather industry
  146. Braiding and finishing eequioment
  147. Processing equipment for sugar and starch-treacle industry
  148. Processing equipment for baking, macaroni and confectionary industry
  149. Processing equipment for wine, spirituous and alcoholic beverage industry
  150. Processing equipment for canning and food concentrate industry
  151. Processing equipment for fat-and-oil industry
  152. Processing equipment for tea, tobacco, salt and ferment industry
  153. Processing equipment for brewing, non-alcoholic and yeast industry
  154. Processing equipment for fragrance industry
  155. Processing equipment for meat and poultry-processing industry
  156. Processing equipment for dairy industry
  157. Fish-processing equipment
  158. Food package-making lines
  159. Food packaging lines
  160. Food packaging machines and automations
  161. Processing equipment for elevator and storage facility
  162. Processing equipment for flour-milling factories
  163. Processing equipment for grain industry
  164. Processing equipment for feed mill industry
  165. Ice cream freezer with built-in motor-compressor
  166. Industrial use electric welding equipment (excepting arc welding power supplies)
  167. Electric furnaces, furnace resistance units, including compressor ones (gas ones)
  168. Vacuum resistance electric furnaces
  169. Direct and indirect heating plants and devices
  170. Induction melting furnace with commercial and heightened frequency
  171. Induction electric heating devices with commercial frequency
  172. Direct and indirect heating electric arc furnaces
  173. Arc-heating devices
  174. Electroslag remelting furnaces
  175. Plasma furnaces (plants)
  176. Electron beam furnaces
  177. Dielectric heating plants and devices
  178. Laser electric furnaces
  179. Other electroheat equipment
  180. Multifunctional telemechanics device complexes
  181. Drawing frame machines
  182. Lapping and lap-drawing frames
  183. Roving frame
  184. Spinning equipment and twiners
  185. Domestic hand drive meat-choppers
  186. Kitchen equipment (non-electric kitchen work mechanization equipment)
  187. Household and special knives
  188. Carbon steel and aluminum tableware
  189. Industrial floor-level trackless electrical transport, it’s electrical equipment and attachments
  190. Floor railless industrial electric transport
  191. Electrical plants and equipment
  192. Gas-disge lamp (luminous tube and bactericidal lamp) production lines (complexes)
  193. Machine building production lines Compression-type machine complexes Repair parts and units for metal-cutting machines and compression-type machines
  194. Compression-type machine based equipment complexes
  195. Cellular installations, FMS machines, robots
  196. Centrifugal and gravity separation equipment for liquid inhomogeneous systems
  197. Refrigerating machines with refrigeration capacity more than 2500 standard kcal/h
  198. Metals’ thermal cutting mechanized equipment
  199. Oxygen cutting unmechanized equipment
  200. Metals’electric arc-gas jet cutting and welding equipment
  201. Vehicle greasing equipment
  202. Freon condensing units with throughput up to 2500 kcal/h
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