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The testing laboratory

Tractors and agricultural machinery

  1. Farm tractors (excepting small ones with the engine power up to 19 kilowatt)
  2. Small tractors and motor cultivator s with the engine power up to 19 kilowatt
  3. Timber processing tractors
  4. Industrial tractors, including ones unitized with bulldozer and dozer-threshing equipment
  5. Tractor seeding-machines
  6. Planting machines
  7. Organic fertilizer spreaders
  8. Mineral fertilizer application machines
  9. Sprayers and aerosol generators including electrical ones
  10. Raw-reapers (self-propelled ones), grain combines, garden fruit and berry harvesting machines (self-propelled ones)
  11. Corn combines, potato combines, pulling machines, pip top harvesting machines, beet harvesters, other root harvesters, vegetable harvesting machines, cabbage-harvesting machines, vintage machines
  12. Grain treatment machines, grain dryers for drying grain before storage
  13. Mechanized tools, stock and rigging for lawn-and-garden and forestry use, including electric ones
  14. Means supplied farmers’ and lawn-and-garden electrical devices
  15. Agricultural loaders
  16. Livestock farm and pasture water supply pumps and pump units
  17. Feed distributors
  18. Milking sets and milking units
  19. Stock building electrical fans
  20. Heat-generators
  21. Incubators
  22. Tractor mowers, crushing mowers, shredding mowers, clippers
  23. Fodder grinders, fodder shredders, fodder mixers, steaming-mixers
  24. Tractor trailers and semitrailers
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