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The Certification center RegionTest – certification tests, products certification, equipment certification.

The Certification center RegionTest is the organization department of the State educational institution of higher professional education “Ivanovo state chemical-engineering university".

The center includes the testing laboratory “RegionTest” and the product certification authority.

Basic activity of the laboratory is the broad spectrum certification testing of electrotechnical products, domestic machinery, electronic equipment, different industrial goods.

The laboratory is equipped with modern testing hardware and accredited to make certification tests. Certification of a huge variety of electrotechnical products, machine building products.

For detailed information you can watch the page “About the company”.

The Certification center RegionTest provides:

  • Certification of goods and certification of the products of electrotechnical, electronic and instrument making industries (domestic equipment, electrotechnical equipment)
  • Certification of machine building products
  • Certification of textile and light industry products

For detailed information about our services you can watch the pages “Testing laboratory’s cervices” and "Certification authority’s services”.

Our advantages:

  • The Certification center RegionTest have representative office in Moscow, this fact makes our partnership with our clients more efficient.
  • The Certification center RegionTest is the only institution in Ivanovo itself and Ivanovo region, which includes both the product certification authority and the testing laboratory. It let us to make certification tests and draw up conformance certificates as soon as possible.
  • Being the organization department of the “Ivanovo state chemical-engineering university", our certification center owns material and technical resources, scientific basis, which let us to create unique testing equipment for the certification tests. Our center has highly skilled specialists: doctors and candidates of science, including 11 experts, accredited in the ГОСТ Р certification system.
  • Due to usage of Ivanovo state chemical-engineering university’s scientific basis, our certification center can provide not only certification work, but also the research of product’s and chemical substance’s qualitative acteristics. Research work – in the area of client's interest!

Partnership with the certification center RegionTest – is the guarantee of quality and individual approach.

About the product certification (goods, equipment):

According to definition of State Committee on Standardization and Metrology, product certification – is the correspondence confirmation procedure, by which an organization, independent both the producer and consumer (Certification center) certifies in written form the correspondence or disconformity of the products (equipment, goods) to the ascertained requirements. The certification authority (in this case – The Certification center RegionTest) is the third party which checks the correspondence of the products to the requirements independently the producer (seller) and consumer. Certification helps to make identification of a product (check the correspondence of technical documentation, belonging to consignment etc.), confirm the correspondence of the product to the safety norms, and other ascertained requirements.

The process of certification includes several phases:

In the beginning one must apply goods for certification to the Certification center, which is responsible for the certification of a definite product. For some types of equipment one can choose any proper certification authority, which has the right to certificate this product. The Certification center makes a decision on this certification demand. After that we send the resolution on this certification demand to the applicant. In this resolution we specify necessary testing correspondence procedures, obligatory technical documentation, the list of testing laboratories, which can make the certification.

Than we choose specimen, identify and test them. The applicant gives necessary technical documentation and specimen of goods (equipment), after that we choose some specimens for tests in the testing laboratory of the Certification center. The ions can be made by the representative of the Certification center or another responsible person.

In the next phase we make certification tests in the testing laboratories. In the end of the certification tests we complete the testing protocols, which are given to the applicant and the Certification center. The Certification center evaluates the correspondence of the goods to the ascertained requirements, than a certification expert issue the conclusion and on its basis we make the conclusion of issuing product certificate. The product certification authority issue the certificate and give the registration number to it (register the certificate). If the tests revival the disconformity of the products (equipment, goods) to the ascertained requirements, the Certification center issue the conclusion of the refusal of the certificate, it notes the reasons of the refusal. Every issued certificate has its own duration, based on the normative documents. A duration cant be more than three years. After that we make certification record in the in-line documentation and the products labels with the certification mark due to the effective normative documents for this kind of product. The inspection will has been held during the effective period of the certificate. The results of the checkup issues in the form of an act. Due to the results of the checkup the Certification center can suspend or cancel the validity of the certificate.

Benefits of certification goods and equipment:

Certification testing of products and services has a large value for Russian goods market. Certification helps to control the quality of goods, declared by producers. The certificate officially confirms the high quality of the product and stability of the qualitative production (goods, services) output. The presence of the certificate provides the opportunity to export or import the product. There are international certification norms and rules for the certificated products, which allow Russian organizations to work with the foreign partners, because the presence of the certificate is the norm for the making of contracts and agreements. The presence of the international certificate is the opportunity for any enterprise to take part in Russian and international quality tenders.

Certification of goods (equipment) and services rise the trust level of any enterprise for investment, insurance, juridical and other organizations. It is the good advertisement; it helps to raise product image for the consumers and other interested parties. The certification mark for consumers serves as a reasonable option for more qualitative goods and services. The product certification protects consumers the bad-faith producers, controls the environmental, life health and property safety of products and services.

The Certification center “RegionTest” offers the certification services for the products of electrotechnical, electronic and instrument making industries, machine building, textile and light industry products. At the page “Services” on this site you can find the list of goods and equipment, which is available for certification in “RegionTest”. The Certification center “RegionTest” a lso offers additional laboratory certificate testing services for our customers.

We’ll be glad to see you as our regular customers!

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